Working with individuals with autism and others with communication and/or behavioral concerns involves working with visual supports.  Visual supports are a necessary tool in an ESE classroom.  Visual supports are a way for we teacher and other adults to communicate with individuals with ASD in a visual way and it is also a way for the individuals to communicate back to us.  Visual supports, when used regularly, can increase communication and decrease behaviors.

Over the years I have accumulated a VERY large supply of materials.  Each and every year I make a few more things, update some old things and find new things.  I take what I can get (beg borrow and steal too).  This year I wanted a comprehensive product that contained some of my favorite visuals for the classroom – all with a similar look and feel.  Some of the items included in this product are:

Symbols for a Visual Necklace

Symbols to label the classroom – a great way to use their visuals in more areas

Classroom Symbol Schedule

Individual Symbol Schedule


I am working for….

And so much more…..

The visual supports in this pack are not a replacement for a specific communication tool for a student (such as a communication book or board designed specifically for a student) – but can be used to communicate specific messages.  I cannot live without Visual Supports for Autism in the classroom and no ESE teacher/SLP should!!!

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