I have spent the summer focusing on integrating curriculum based materials into speech therapy sessions.  I have done this with a small group of school-based SLP’s who are focused on making a stronger connections to the curriculum and therapy as well as writing goals that complement this focus.  Every SLP came to this group with their own background experiences – but we all shared the main goal of helping the students as best we could.

One focus that came up in our discussion was analogies and their impact.  Analogies have so many benefits for the students!!!  They increase and expand their vocabulary knowledge and use, they increase their understanding of relationships between words/things, they build on making comparisons and are so important for test preparation.

Analogies touch on similarities and differences, part/whole comparisons, object functions, synonyms and antonyms, categories, as well as cause and effect.  A wealth of therapy goals can be addressed with this one area.

When we looked for some good materials related to analogies for elementary students – we became discouraged by the lack of materials using pictures.  We felt that pictures were needed to enhance the learning and scaffolding of the skill.  Since there were limited materials we liked, I set about to make a product that we could use to work on this skill.

Picture Analogies for the Elementary Level is perfect to begin working on analogies with 2nd, 3rd or 4th graders.  This product could even be used with older individuals if they need extra support in this area and have not been making gains.  I love this product because it has many uses.  I can cut each page in half, laminate, and have the students use wipe off markers to select the correct answer.  I could also not laminate them and cut off or fold the answers and see if they can guess the correct answer when not provided with a visual.  Teachers can use them in their room by hanging them on the bulletin board/wall and having students choose/vote which answer they believe is correct.

Check out this product and I know you will find many uses for it in your classroom/therapy setting.

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