Working on phonological processes is a pretty big part of a Speech-Language Pathologist’s job.  One of the more popular phonological processes is Fronting.  Fronting occurs when velar or palatal sounds (i.e., /k/, /g/, and sh), are substituted with alveolar sounds (i.e. /t/, /d/, and /s/). For example, the word “key” becomes “tea” – which in turn can alter the meaning of the word being used.

Does that sound familiar to you?  Many of us only address the articulation error and do not look at the pattern that may be happening.  If you see this pattern occurring – look further into the phonological process and addressing the specific needs of the individual.

Using Minimal Pairs allows you to:
Identify the presence or absence of the key sound in the phonological process
Practice seeing and using the different words
Practice at the word level and expand if you want to the the sentence and conversation


Fronting: Minimal Pairs provides me with the materials needed to address this phonological process and target specifically the sounds I want.  The cards allow me to either do some straight drill work to gain the skill or to use in an activity to further expand their use.  I have used them to play games such as Memory or used with some homemade game boards and they must show success in order to keep moving along the board.

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