Fronting and the importance of Minimal Pairs

Working on phonological processes is a pretty big part of a Speech-Language Pathologist’s job.  One of the more popular phonological processes is Fronting.  Fronting occurs when velar or palatal sounds (i.e., /k/, /g/, and sh), are substituted with alveolar sounds (i.e. /t/, /d/, and /s/). For example, the word “key” becomes “tea” – which in […]

5 Things to remember when using a Task Analysis

A Task Analysis breaks a task or activity into its smaller steps.  For example, when you brush your teeth you must get your toothbrush, get the toothpaste, put the toothpaste on the toothbrush, turn on the water, wet the toothbrush, etc…  A task analysis is used quite often with individuals who are having difficulty mastering […]

As vacation ends…..

The end of spring vacation is the hardest time for me.  I almost always get a little cold, I never feel like I get rested enough and I know I have a pile of work to do for the next few months.  The next few months with no days off until Memorial Day.  I’m not […]

Portable Articulation Tool

Like many of you I am on the run all day long.  Some products I use out of a necessity to multi-task in a variety of situations.  The Portable Articulation Tool (PAT) came about because I needed something I could carry around with me that I could use when I worked in the classroom setting […]