5 Things to remember when using a Task Analysis

A Task Analysis breaks a task or activity into its smaller steps.  For example, when you brush your teeth you must get your toothbrush, get the toothpaste, put the toothpaste on the toothbrush, turn on the water, wet the toothbrush, etc…  A task analysis is used quite often with individuals who are having difficulty mastering […]

Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness Month and today is World Autism Awareness Day.  Like many of you, autism hits close to home.  If you want to show your support to those with autism and those without autism – wear blue today.  Wearing blue is a simple way to show support and understanding. Go a step further […]

As vacation ends…..

The end of spring vacation is the hardest time for me.  I almost always get a little cold, I never feel like I get rested enough and I know I have a pile of work to do for the next few months.  The next few months with no days off until Memorial Day.  I’m not […]

Ah Spring!

I love spring!  The cold weather begins to fade and the warmth sets in.  The colors of nature begin to show themselves.  The beautiful bright colors after months and months of drab.  The animals begin to come alive and crawl around everywhere.  The children in the neighborhood start playing outside regularly.  Spring vacation at school […]

First/Then Boards

I work with many students with autism and other disabilities that require the use of visual supports for education.  Visual supports can be used to enhance receptive and expressive communication as well as provide positive behavioral support. What are visual supports?  Visual supports are any symbols, photos, objects or words used to take all or […]