Articulation Wheels – a fun way to monitor progress!

Articulation Word Wheels are a different and fun way to collect data during and monitor progress over time.  I, like many of you, must collect a large amount of data in order to continue to plan and provide effective therapy.  I feel as though I have used every data sheet that has ever been created. […]

Fronting and the importance of Minimal Pairs

Working on phonological processes is a pretty big part of a Speech-Language Pathologist’s job.  One of the more popular phonological processes is Fronting.  Fronting occurs when velar or palatal sounds (i.e., /k/, /g/, and sh), are substituted with alveolar sounds (i.e. /t/, /d/, and /s/). For example, the word “key” becomes “tea” – which in […]

Back to School!!!

  In the south, where I live, school is back in session.  I love the start of a new year – the excitement, the planning, the students…..  My hopes are high with goals I set for the year and getting my materials organized.  I am in the process of getting my list of students I […]

Articulation and Progress Monitoring

  If you are anything like me, you struggle with finding materials, putting the materials together and then collecting data on a specific skill during the therapy session.  Phew…how do we manage all of that??? I wanted to make something to start my new year which had a particular focus – easy for me to […]

Portable Articulation Tool

Like many of you I am on the run all day long.  Some products I use out of a necessity to multi-task in a variety of situations.  The Portable Articulation Tool (PAT) came about because I needed something I could carry around with me that I could use when I worked in the classroom setting […]