In the south, where I live, school is back in session.  I love the start of a new year – the excitement, the planning, the students…..  My hopes are high with goals I set for the year and getting my materials organized.  I am in the process of getting my list of students I will serve this year.  I then have to schedule them – many of them in small groups.

I’m a creature of habits and every year I turn to the same “go to” product that helps my students get to know a little bit about each other (and me) when they come to speech.  This is such an ice breaker – but also an informal tool I use to gauge some of their skills.

Cookie Conversation Starters poses a question the student must answer.  This allows us to know a bit more about that student and allows for conversation and dialogue regarding varying opinions.

The questions are leveled based on the amount of chocolate chips on the cookie:

One chocolate chip means the question is easier and requires less vocabulary to answer.

Approximately 5 chips means the question is a little more difficult and requires more vocabulary to answer

Approximately 10 chips means the question is difficult and requires more complex vocabulary to answer

Cookie Conversation Starters also allows me to hear a student’s reading and conversational speech.  I can get an informal look at both their articulation and language during this activity.  I use that to see if a returning student has maintained their skills.  I also use it to learn more about the speech and language of any new students I have.

Cookie Conversation Starters is one of the first products I made on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Years later, I still use it at the start of every year and sporadically throughout the year to check for carryover of specific skills.

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