The end of spring vacation is the hardest time for me.  I almost always get a little cold, I never feel like I get rested enough and I know I have a pile of work to do for the next few months.  The next few months with no days off until Memorial Day.  I’m not sure if your school system is like ours, but we have a long stretch before summer.

In August, I cannot wait to get back to school.  I cannot wait to set up my room, set new goals and see all of my students.  In January, I have had a few weeks off from Christmas and I am ready to come back and start off the new year fresh.  I have renewed energy and creativity.  Then as March begins, the workload seems to get heavier.  The days feel longer.   I find it harder to get out of bed in the morning.  I cannot wait until spring vacation.  I make a ton of plans, I make lists, I put things off saying that I will get that done during vacation.


I always get less done than I want and I find on Sunday before I go back to school I am scrambling to get things ready.  Argh!!


This year I have set a plan.  A plan to go to my favorite sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers and find some new resources to renew my enthusiasm again. 

My plan is to use the following items when I get back:

The pout pout

The Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark Book Companion by The Speech Attic

I have The Pout Pout Fish and I just love that book.  I am sure this will make me smile and the kids will enjoy the activities.

spring spring

Spring, Spring, What Do You See? by The Speech Chicks

A cute book, some preposition cards and a game – all for FREE!!!  Thank-you The Speech Chicks.

life on the farm

Life on the Farm: Interactive Adapted Book by Speech Me Maybe

This looks adorable and I just know I will have so many uses for it – especially with my students with autism!


Bee Non-Fiction Packet for Autism and Special Education by ME!

I just made this and both myself and another classroom teacher are going to use it in a variety of ways.  It is part of a Non-Fiction Series and we just finished the Spring Non-Fiction Packet for Autism and Special Education.  There are books, worksheets, word walls, individual symbols and a bingo game.  That should keep us busy!!

I hope you have all had a good vacation – whenever you had it!  I’m hoping the rest of the year goes smoothly for all of us and we all find fun activities to do!

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