Articulation Word Wheels are a different and fun way to collect data during and monitor progress over time.  I, like many of you, must collect a large amount of data in order to continue to plan and provide effective therapy.  I feel as though I have used every data sheet that has ever been created.  I’ve created many data sheets of my own also – but none as fun as this one.

Each wheel has a picture in the center representing the sound being monitored.  Around each circle are ten dots – a nice even number to monitor progress percentages – and each page has ten different stimuli – another nice number to gather percentages.

Fall Articulation Word Wheels focus on a fall theme with fun fall pictures on each page.  A great tool to use throughout the first half of the school year to focus on the /l/, /r/ and /s/ sounds.


They can be used in therapy, in articulation groups within the classroom and even sent home for homework practice!  You can use the circles in a variety of ways to show data.  For homework practice, I just have them fill in the circles as they practice them.  For my data, I make two copies of the sheet and use more of a plus and minus system on mine to gain percentages of accuracy.

I love the wheel concept so much that I have made Fall Apraxia Word Wheels also – check those out to better serve your students who need to work on CV patterns to improve intelligibility.

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