If you are anything like me, you struggle with finding materials, putting the materials together and then collecting data on a specific skill during the therapy session.  Phew…how do we manage all of that???

I wanted to make something to start my new year which had a particular focus – easy for me to prepare and easy for me to collect data over time.  This took some time, but I think I came up with something that works perfectly!!!

No Prep Articulation and Progress Monitoring


I love that there are 10 pictures on each page – easy for me to do percentages with 10 items.  There are 10 boxes under each picture – another easy percentage feature.  The directions section is left blank.  Why is this good?  Because now I can differentiate the directions for any group of students.  Some may be at the word level while others are at the phrase or sentence level.  I can write whatever I want there or just tell them during the therapy session.

No Prep Articulation and Progress Monitoring would work so well as homework and the student can use the form to mark off every time they practiced the word.  It also can be used for a student to self evaluate their performance while they practice the sound.  I love when individuals evaluate how they feel they did when producing the sound.  WE can then discuss the “why” and “how” they felt they did and we can discuss any differences between how I felt they produced the sound.  In the end, the student will have to self-evaluate their performance outside of the therapy setting – and this helps prepare them for this skill.

Here is what the Articulation Practice form may look like when filled out by me during therapy – so easy…

Finally, there is a line to write the percentages at the end – easy to do on the fly!  These percentages can then be placed on the Articulation Progress Monitoring log.  A great way to reference scores over time!

What more could I want out of a quick to prepare product with a way to easily collect data!!!!

Check out the No Prep Articulation and Progress Monitoring Bundle as a way to speed up your therapy prep without losing any of the quality.

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