I love spring!  The cold weather begins to fade and the warmth sets in.  The colors of nature begin to show themselves.  The beautiful bright colors after months and months of drab.  The animals begin to come alive and crawl around everywhere.  The children in the neighborhood start playing outside regularly.  Spring vacation at school invigorates us all….I love spring.

I get a renewed spirit this time of year.  My office gets a bit more organized because I attack those small piles of things that I have put off filing for too long.  I add fresh new decor around the room to brighten everything in preparation for spring.  I even bring in better lunch options in preparation for summer – but that is for another post.

Spring Nonfiction Packet

In honor of spring, I created a Spring Nonfiction Packet for Autism and Special Education.  This is one of many packets in this series.  The best part of this series is the photographs used – real photographs!  The photos lend to the realism and understanding for some of our users.

There are 2 levels of books provided.  The first is very simply written and the keyword – “spring” is underlined throughout the book.

spring Nonfiction Packet 2

The second level of book builds upon the first by adding more sentences to many of the pages and the word “spring” is no longer underlined.  A word wall is provided, individual pictures, comprehension worksheet, Bingo game and other worksheets.  I love using this in the therapy room as well as in the classroom.

Spring Nonfiction packet 4

What is your favorite spring activity?

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